Get your 40s, Get em while they're hot!! 65, 74, 76 and 1979 FJ40s for sale or trade

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Well, me and my business partner have four FJ40s and we honestly just like driving the FZJ80s more so we're going to offer these up for sale.. Here is what we have and the specs/prices:

1965, I would assume Ball and Claw front end but I'll include a set of 69 birfield axels with this rig. It has a 305 sbc, stock transfer and trans with 3 on the floor. Brand new 31" ATs, custom roll cage with the harnesses and diamond plate top, HEI distributor, 2.5" Skyjacker, Electric fan, Full power 190E seats, 100% RUST FREE (diamond plate is there cause the wheel wells were cut out for larger tires). This is going to be a super crazy low price of $3,300 only cause I need the money for another project..


1974, This is a crazy nice 40! It's got almost new BFG KOs on it, has a full cage, 2F motor, stock everything else. Comes with a hard top and Diamond plate tailgate with storage as well. This is the rig in my avitar and I will do my best to get some pictures up. Has a 2.5" list with Con-Fer shackles as well. This rig was built from the GROUND UP 13,000 miles ago and has over $10,000 into it! This is a RUST free AZ cruiser! I'm going to let this going for $4,900!


1976, This is a very nice rig, full cage, almost new 33s, 4spd, Shackle reversal, 4 wheel disk brakes, power steering, 1997 Chevy Vortec 350 as well as an Optima Red Top mounted in the rear and a top of the line Aluminium radiator.. This 40 was done right, nothing missed but the paint! 100% RUST Free AZ 40! $8,900


1979, Well, this is the top of the line 40 here! Comes with hard and soft top and doors, has the Tuffy center, hydro streering, 35s, fully rebuilt F2 motor, 4 speed trans, ARB locker... You won't find many this nice! Of course 100% rust free AZ cruiser here! $14,500!


Would be open to trades for Crawlers and FZJ80s.....
Could I get more pics of the 79.......Thanks Tommy :D

Oh yeah :idea: PM sent

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