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Jan 30, 2003

Welcome to the Georgia Cruisers Chapter Corner. :D

A great big thank you goes out to Woody and IH8mud for hosting us. If you haven't already purchased a silver star in support of IH8mud please take a look and see if you can swing it financially. Check out Paid Subscriptions under your User CP.

This chapter forum is not meant to take the place of our FJ40 mailing list so please do not unsubscribe from the FJ40 service as the club will continue to use the list for chapter notifications. We will do our best to post all notifications that are not sensitive to public viewing on this forum. But keep in mind during your time here that this forum is a public place.

If you are new to using the Ih8mud forum please take a few minutes reviewing you User CP and the functions that are available to you. You can also review the FAQ section

Kevin Schulte aka ALF :grinpimp:
Georgia Cruisers
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