For Sale Georgia: 1999 land cruiser overland build 160k miles rust free with rear locker and rear ac. UPDATED WITH PICTURES

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Vehicle Model
  1. 100 Series
United States
well guys the new 2021 is ordered so its time to let this ole faithful go to a new home. first and foremost guys if you don't like the price please just refrain from the comments unless you are seriously interested and would like to make a offer. yes I know the price is high but I don't have to sell yet and the 100s have been bringing good money lately so I figured I'll try my luck at getting top dollar by selling to the right person who will love it as I have. there is a few bruises but nothing to major on the outside and the front seats do need some attention but they aren't the worse I've seen. I will be detailing it tomorrow and get tons of pictures however I do have a few I can send over before hand for anyone interested.

asking price 17k obo or ill keep the awning and fridge at 15k

rust free
1999 land cruiser
159,525 miles as of aug 14
land shark grill
new heater T and TB about 5K miles ago (had been changed once but did it anyway for peace of mind)
front runner rack
ARB front bumper is ordered but not here yet but will be included with the sale
road shower 7 gallon with quick shower attachment
RLD 360 ghost awn
set of max trax with angled front runner mount
2 front runner wolf packs with mount feet and straps
slee dual battery tray
see upgraded main tray
arb twin compressor
Redarc smart battery isolator to jump start truck if main battery is dead
Redarc bcdc 1240 charger
arb rear drawer system (both are the rdrf1040)
domestic cfx 75dw special edition
iron man lift with diff drop with rear 440-880 spring (planned on rear bumper)
5 rock warrior wheels with 285/75R17 ko2 with about 75% tread all the way around (spare is nearly new)
rear diff locker
rear ac

I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things but will be glad to answer any and all questions
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Only two I have this very moment. As I said I’ll upload probably 30 tomorrow after I get her all shined up.



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