general questions (paint, gaskets, rust, body filler)

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Mar 2, 2010
I have several questions about minor restoration projects:

#1 I've read several threads about rust prevention and wanted to know the best rust stopper for WA State. ie. phosphoric acid, POR-15, Rust Bullet. It is for the bottom of my ambi doors, and just a couple nickel size spots on body.

#2 What type of glue should be used to re weatherstrip the ambi doors.

#3 I've ordered a can of match paint to repaint rear sill and bottom of ambi doors until I can afford a real paint job. I sanded it down to metal and am about to apply regular Krylon primer. followed by 2 coats of match paint. Is 2 coats fine? Should I use a clear top coat?

#4 Is there an easy way to remove old weatherstripping glue?

#5 Any paint shops in Olympia area that are familiar with FJ40's?

If my wife sees another Ace Hardware or PayPal transaction I might be living in cruiser so affordable ideas that require minimal tools is ideal. There is very little rust on rig I just need to stop it from getting worse. Would like to paint it within 2 years, but family needs dictate....
Thanks, Ryan
Good timing, going to CutRateAutoParts now thanks.

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