Gene Reed: 1997 FZJ80

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Quit being a bitch Glenn and go look at it for me.
How much is it anyway? Locked? I can't tell from my phone.
Woops. I just saw where you write it's not locked.
I can't do anything right now. I'm in Disney. I bet you $100 that this is the same sage green 40th anniversary addition with the same mile that I called about. It was on Craigslist and I was suppose to be sent photos but the owner never did. He lives on IOP and is a dealer.
He was asking $10k I think.
Brock. I told you that 100 would be sacreligois for me to own being the color it is. I would get lynched at Clemson.
Well to my kids i'm huge in their eyes. They think I'm some super heroe and my wife thinks I'm the biggest stud she's ever seen. Can't get much better than but all of that would be on jeopardy if i pulled in the driveway with a burgandy 100.
Did I mention I'm a good looking stud?

Bessinstein out.
No no no no. My 5 year old daughter(along with my sister) said it was cute. Faith said it was for fags.
We could paint it orange and purple for you!!!!

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