Gee Mom, is this a bad thing?

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Dec 13, 2002
buggerville nj
Driving home today and truck won't shift into OD. :(

Then tonight, need to run out quick. On way home, down to only 1st and 2nd. :'(

Maybe I gotta go steal Wench's trans? Gotta be trans right? Can't be ecu related? :-\
FYI, I think there is a 94 tranny on Ebay :D ...oh yeah :flipoff2:

Could be solenoid(s) or maybe the neutral safety switch. I have seen at least 1 neutral safety switch messed up by coolant leaking on it from a bad PHH. There is also a possibility that the valve body is un-happy with you.

Time for a real bus trans.................... like the one mated to the mighty 3fe!!!!!
sorry I had to junk
PHH was replaced 6 mos again - and just checked - it's not whizzing in my face - think it's ok.
Just replaced my NSS a few weeks ago.

Hmm :mad: Frickin POS beater. :mad: Any ideas?

On that POS bus trans? I'd rather eat Rogue momma feces before I dropped in that pos.

Jonathan - no manny in the rocks. LOL, I would love to drop in a turboed stinkie with auto and matching ecu, but the 1FZ in there now is only about 10 mos old (another few months and I'm sure I can blow it :flipoff2:).
Mikey - no Reverse??

good question - hadn't tried - still have reverse + 1st and 2nd. that's it though. :'(
The FSM has the diagnostics in it.

Junk, you got one of those and somebody to read it to ya? :flipoff2:

JK....... ;)
Junk, you might want to check the throttle position cable that runs down to the tranny. If it is hung up then it would assume you are flooring it and not upshift. Sorry I don't know the proper name of the cable but I'm sure somebody can correct me.

That's as good a name as any. GM calls it a TV cable, some call it a kick-down cable or a throttle cable (not to be confused with an accelerator cable). Throttle position cable aptly describes it's job as it is telling the transmission just that......
Ding Ding Ding

Mr. Trabec. What is a transmission "kick down" cable?
what year LC? Is the tranny computer controled?
If yes, the shifter position sensor / relay has gone bad. It is located under the carpet next to the shifter.


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