Gears snapping to neutral

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Apr 5, 2009
El Retiro, Colombia
Hi, my 1970 fj40 started snapping the second gear to neutral when going downhill, last knight snapped to neutral in first gear, i shifted back into 2nd gear and it would stay in neutral, i engaged the low range and dissengaged and started working fine.

Possible engine swap on the way for a 1982 2f from a fj60, could the transmission from the 60 be installed on the 40?

1970 fj40
Anything is possible if you have enough skill, time and money.

You would need to swap the tranny and transfer case.
You need to fabricate a custom cross member and transmission support.
You have to deal with the lack of a parking brake on the transfer case.
You will need custom drive shafts.

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