gears in a 99 tacoma?

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Apr 8, 2005
Glenwood Springs, Colorado
what gears are in a non-locked taco? A friend of mine swears her dad says she has to change the gears because the truck has 37's on it. Shes going to use it as a daily driver. Also, anyone have a guess what it would cost to change them out? Let me know, Thx Guys, Ray
The gear ratios depend on the engine (3.4 or 2.7), tranny, year and trim level. Your best bet is get the gear code off the door (B03A?) and look on the TTORA FAQ.

For 37's, no matter what gears came stock she needs to regear. Best case it's a V6 with 4.10's or the 2.7 with 4.56's. For the V6 go with 4.88 or 5.29's if it's a wheeler. With the 2.7 go straight to the 5.29's. Good luck. ......Steve

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