Gearing on a Fj40

Jul 25, 2005
Chandler, AZ
Ok another newbie question for you all. Ok it's a two part question.

1. I was told that I need to have my thrust bearing replaced. Where is the thrust bearing and how hard is it to replace?

2. Ok the previous owner told me that the gearing in my ride was set up for off roading. I would like to change that for more of a street ride then off roading. Now is this done with the rear end or in the trans or both? Whould it be easy to have another trans set up for street driving and switch out the trans for when I want to go off roading?

Again thanks for the help
Feb 1, 2002
No. Ogden, Utah
You can change the gearing in both the axles and the transfer case. What drivetrain setup are you running? That would be sweet to have two setups to choose from. A lot of work though, something I'd only do once a year maybe. If you are going to use as a daily driver it seems most folks find a middle ground that's good enough on and off road. But if you wanted a dedicated trail rig low is the way to go. There are lots of options available man take a look at some of the vendors on the internet. Good luck.

In fact check this out

Poser lays it out for ya ;)
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