gear shifter hot to the touch

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Nov 18, 2007
while driving back from a trip to the beach last nite in newly rebuilt a440f (nitemare not over yet?] I noticed the shifter 2 inches down from the top and the plastic lens case? was hot to the touch.Is this normal? never noticed before. The ATF light didnt come on, but I dont trust that its working because the knuckleheads that put the trans back together could have screwed that up(when I first got it back the speedometer didnt work) I had a canoe on top-would that cause it?

Thanks in advance Joey ''snaps"
Checked the fluid level--normal, and no burnt smell. The thing was giving off so much heat, it felt like the heater was on. This was in the evening and it wasn't a hot day. We'd only been driving for an hour. Didn't have an incredible load, only the canoe. Then it started raining and the gear shifter and that whole area cooled down. It could be that we were idling--got stuck in traffic and sat idling for about a half hour. Can't remember if it cooled down before the idling or after.
Did you drive on the beach? Beach driving on soft sand makes any transmission hot especially if the tyres were not deflated.
You would still need to do a few klms for it to get real hot.

I dont know the landcruiser auto,but is there some kind of insulation they may have left off?
No, didn't drive on the beach. The annual pass was 90 bucks and we were only gonna be there for a day. Don't know about the insulation--I wouldn't put it past those guys to leave somthing off.

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