Gear setups near Wichita?

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May 19, 2012
Howdy all,
I'm struggling to find someone to set up gears near Wichita. Most quotes have been very loose estimates, which tells me they have not done many on fj80s. What should I expect to pay? Any members know someone in my general vicinity?
I'd recommend you pull your third members yourself, it's not really that hard. Anybody who has a decent reputation for setting up gears in your area can do it, it's no different in a yota third than in any other make.'s no different in a yota third than in any other make.

Unless it's an e-locker LC third, which uses shims to set carrier bearing pre-load. Some shops may not be familiar with this method.
Just an update for anyone who may be in my area:

I found a guy outside of Newton who specializes in gears, with 20 years experience. He was the only person I talked to on the phone that really knew the ins and outs of what I wanted, was familiar with all the products I discussed, and quoted half as many hours as other mechanics! Plus his hourly rate was very reasonable. I'll post up my experience at the end of next week once the work is complete. Oh, and I just ordered the gear kit from IPOR.

4:88 and locker soon to come :beer:
I've heard Holzman Racing on S. Greewich can do them as they are similar to a Furd 9", but I have no personal experience....

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