Gear Ratios

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Jun 10, 2003
Mooresville, NC -- Lake Norman
my bros 97 4runner has a factory e-locker with 4.10 gears and ADD (automatic diff disconnect)

he ordered a truetrac with 4.11 yukon gears for the front.

they told him that 4.10 and 4.11 ARE the same gear ratio but depending on the mfg they either round down meaning 4.11111 would actually be a 4.10 gear while other mfg keep the decimals.

any truth to this??

do the 4.11 gear match 4.10 anything BAD using these gears together??

Technically they are NOT the same. For Cruisers, 4.11 is usually from a ring with 37 teeth and a pinion with 9 teeth (9 into 37 eqauls 4.1111111111...) and 4.10 is usually from a ring gear with 41 teeth and pinion gear with 10 teeth (10 into 41 eqauls exactly 4.1). That being said, they are so close to being the same, you can run them together and not have any issues. I have a 4.10 up front and a 4.11 in the rear of my FJ60 and have no problems in 2WD, 4WD or 4LO. EDIT: OH ya, and as to the MFGs rounding down or whatever--I have no idea.

Ferg is correct,

In most instances the difference is no problem. I would not mix them in a FT 4WD such as the 80 series but in conventional 4WD operated on soft surfaces you should be OK. Prolonged operation on a hard surface will cause a bind.


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