Gear oil coming out of axle tube??

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Mar 4, 2019
Charlotte, NC
Last night I took my passenger side axle out (sadly with most of the cone washers still in, they wouldn't budge like so many things on my LC) and to my surprise gear oil came out of the axle tube and had been covering the bearings. I'm thinking maybe a previous owner filled the rear diff with too much gear oil; do I need to refill it or should I be ok? I have new bearing grease to repack my new bearings but this was a bit odd to me.
Just check the level after putting the axle back in and top off if necessary.

The bearings will be fine with the diff oil as lubricant.
What's the best way to check the level? And are you saying I shouldn't bother packing them with grease then?

Park on level ground pull plug on the back stick finger in and if you have oil it is full, to fill it up keep putting gear oil until it flows out hurry up and put plug in :flipoff2:
The seals keeping the grease in and the oil out are failing. No big deal. Some even remove the seals to let the gear oil lube the bearings. You can pack the bearings and reinstall. Eventually oil will get in the hub and leak out next time you remove the axles. You can also replace the seals if you want. Either way is fine.

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