G'day from Oz - and help with my 2F

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Nov 5, 2007
Maitland NSW, OZ
Hi All,

My first post here... I have become a bit of a FJ40/45 Addict over the past 12 months, I have been researching and reading as much as I can find on this awesome site...and my cruiser collection is slowly growing, the boss has put her foot down and said no more for a while.. which is probrably fair enough, plus I need to get the bugs ironed out of the ones that i have.

One problem I am having is with an FJ45 1979 with a 2F petrol motor, I bought about 6 months ago, I initially had some major heating issues, a blocked radiator full of sludge was the culprit(I think it had been sitting for a while before I bought it) anyways this was enough to mean a new headgasket. I had no spare time so I got a local mechanic mate to fix that for me and it runs OK, but has a real dead spot now when first trying to accelerate.

Sometimes it is enough to stall, this has been quite dangerous as it has stalled once or twice in an intersection...:whoops:

If I keep the revs up when taking off it isn't an issue but that's no way to drive long term...

I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to what it could be.

I have done a search but after 3 hours of looking haven't found a clear answer yet...


Welcome to Mud :cheers: It's a GREAT resource!

Pix would be good :D
Hi Guys,

Thanks for the tips, it doesn't appear to be a vacuum problem, well no obvious signs anyway.

In poking around did find a problem with a small fuel leak though on the output line from the fuel pump, a constant drip from the locknut on the line. So I thought I'd fix that before anything else... so now it is a full on spray. It went from bad to worse to completely rediculous.

It is now spraying out from around the back of the locknut, and I am at a bit of a loss to why. The brass ring looks in good nick but the pipe doesn't look dead straight. The locknut does up tight but it obviously isn't sealing.

Glad I don't have to drive it to work tomorrow...but How do I fix it? Should I make up a new fuel line? or is the one I have easily repaired...

(God I'm showing my newbie stripes now ...:rolleyes:)

Also are there any guides for doing a tuneup on a 2F?

It is a case of the more you look the more you find with this old girl...

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