Gasoline Tank Emitting Fuel Odor Inside the Truck

Apr 25, 2021
im in a similar situation. my '74 has the 3 lines on the tank connected to the vapor separator - with the output line connected to a check valve. I replaced the rusted hardline with fuel hose, and added an AC-Delco charcoal canister (since mine was missing). The canister has an air-inlet, and two nipples for TANK and PURGE. I connected the TANK inlet to the fuel line on the vapor separator, and the PURGE line I teed into the PCV hose. I have a replacement vented cap - but still have strong gas smell in the cab.

Ran the truck this morning (overnight ~70 degrees) with 1/4 tank - and smelled like I took a swim in a puddle of 93 octane when I got home...

I may need to check/replace all of the lines on the tank - but is there anything else I'm missing?

I've seen reference to adding a vapor purge valve like this but not sure how it's to be connected to vacuum.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.


Hi @100ownernow. I cannot really comment on your concern even though mine is a '74 model. It has different vent system meant for asian market. I suggest to just read back the comments in this thread and am sure you'll get a lot of helpful insights from the experts.


'74 FJ40 - my first!
Jan 25, 2014
Danville, CA
Make sure to rule out any pinhole leaks - I took mine out and the underside had leaks in it. Appears where the tank sat on old fabric pads that soaked up moisture. I ended up buying a new OEM tank and used material that wouldn't retain water for the tank pads.


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