Gaskets and Seals

Jun 10, 2003
Columbia, SC
Ok, with my new found leak I was wondering, since I am gonna be shelling out the clams to pay for this why not get it all done at once. Does anyone or has anyone had this doen yet? Like replaced all gaskets and seals within the engine? I know I can't do this myself becuase it is for sure a :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: job. How much would parts be? I know labour would be well ahem, ya.
Mar 27, 2003
What gaskets are you replacing? Oil pans are sealed with RTV, as is the timing cover. The intake, exhaust, and oil cooler gaskets are metal and unlikely to leak oil. Are you talking about front and rear main seals? That's going to set you back a fair piece, especially the rear main. They are not complicated to replace, but you'll need a few tools.

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