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Dec 31, 2002
I need to figure out what kind of gas tank to run so I can run more than 13 gallons of gas the only aux tank that I've found is thruogh ccot and they want 450 bucks for 22 gallons so I'm not sure what to do I looked at feul cells but I would like to put a small backseat there.any ideas anyone distessed ??? ???
Check your local boat dealer or radiator shops and see what a custom tank will run ya...might be surprised what they can do, and at the pricing.
How do these auxilary tanks attach? I presume in front of the back axel. Is clearance affected? How does the filer work? &nbsp:Does gas route over from the main tank when filling, and then get pumped back over when the main tank is empty?

I noticed that the Man-a-fre tank can also be set up to supply the engine directly. Why would you want to set it up that way, and how would you fill the tank?

Is any welding required, or is this something that I can do my self novice).


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