gas tank sealing question

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Mar 16, 2003
Olympia, WA
I just got started tonight taking the tranny and transfer case out of my 1968 FJ-40 so I can replace the clutch and convert over to manual shift (thanks again Stew) and I noticed that my gas tank has a very small leak. I have noticed a gas smell in the past and even though there has never been a puddle of gas, I see on the floor of the cruiser where the leak is.

I guess it is time to take the tank down to a radiator shop and have it cleaned out and sealed. Is there anything special that I need to tell them about what I am assuming is a tube inside the tank that draws the gas out? &nbsp:Do they just send a puff of air through it when they are done to make sure that it is not sealed also?
Radiator shops know what to do with it. They (should) boil it out, braze up the holes, seal it, paint it and pressure test it. My radiator guy charges $50 for a walk in job.
I just threw on the fiberglass and resin cost $4 and was out and in in 2 hours no problem since. But thats just cheap ass me.

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