gas tank/fuel system cleaning

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Jun 7, 2012
Reno, NV
my rig has been static for 15ish years (well, occasional startups and such) and was wondering; wtf should I clean my gas tank with? I can cycle the bad gas out easily enough just using the starter but it's probably paint thinner in there by now. Recommendations?
Hi All:

I'd suggest draining the gas tank, then flushing-out the fuel lines with fresh gas.
You can disconnect the fuel line at the carb and use an electric fuel pump to draw gas from the tank.

Good luck!

Thanks man. Other house projects (mainly building an 8x12' shed so I can empty my garage of anything not-fabrication/awesomeness related) have made me delay bringing my fj out to get this done heh
My local guy didn't do a very good job, but most radiator shops can hot tank or boil it for you and it will take it down to bare metal. From there, POR15 makes a gas tank coating you can pour in and roll the tank around to prevent rust in the future. I also used POR15 chassis coat on the outside of mine.

I'd go this route first because if you haven't priced OEM tanks yet, they are not cheap.
I recommend getting a gas tank sealer kit from Eastwood or POR15. If the inside of the tank has rusted, you'll be constantly dealing with plugged fuel filters.
I would check out a local radiator shop or something that works on tanks. I know a guy near here that would completely flush, fix the rust and redo the inside of my gas tank for like $40, a lot cheaper than the por15 tank stuff. Definitely look into that before you spend $$$ and a lot of time/headache doing it on your own.
thanks man, will do before I start it again (then a fresh fuel filter). The carb's always given me headaches though, gonna get a rebuild kit. According to my dad it's not a stock Aisan from an FJ, so I have no clue where he pulled it from (assuming a newer 2f cruiser? Happened in the late 70's/early 80's)

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