gas tank filler hose

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Nov 3, 2003
Columbia, SC
I'm working on hooking up my gas tank, and I need to buy a filler hose, but i don't know the proper diameter, I'd just order from sor, but they don't have it in stock. It's a '79 FJ40, I certainly appreciate your help, pics coming soon.
nobody knows? i found a generic but I don't know if i should get a 2" or 1.5"
Measure the tank inlet and filler outlet. Hopefully they are the same size. Buy a fuel filler hose with the same inside diameter as the two previous measurements.
I found that Napa sells actual fuel filler $60 for a 2ft section. So when I was at the salvage yard I just grabbed one off a mid 90's Suburban $5 with a handful of other parts.. I cut it down with a hacksaw and it fit great!

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