Gas smell when draining oil

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tucker74 said:
Definitely the fuel pump - IIRC you can get on from Cdan for less than $OR, might call and ask about a rebuild kit.


IIRC, seen this alot lately... wha doe I mea ?
I always thought it was "If I RECALL Correctly."
Look for the fuel pump on I just bought one for $33, and much to my surprise it is the OEM part. I opened up the box and it is a Kyosan pump. Comes with 2 gaskets too. Works like a champ! :cheers:
Yes, that is the one that I bought, it doesn't look like that picture though. That's why I was surprised when I opened the box.
Make sure that the inlet and outlet are configured like your old fuel pump. That seems to be the only variable with the Kyosan...
I had to turn the cover of my new Kyosan pump a couple screw holes counter clockwise so it would clear the oil filter.


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