Gas Pedal Pad?

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From what I understand, there wasn't one from the factory, so there aren't any "Land Cruiser" ones to find.
Supposedly one from a VW bug works perfectly. I remember seeing one Cruiser vendor that sold a gas pedal pad, and if you look at the picture of it, you can see the "VW" on it.
Specter off Road and I think, JTCruisers have the VW pads. I turned mine upside down so it isn't so obviously VW.
at my local kragen i found one from a ford e break pedal that almost fits little small but once you get it on there it will sterch out and there is no decal so it looks really good its prety bad when there is a whole worn in your gas pedal P.s. its in the help! section
You're right - everybody I've seen sells the VW gas pedal pad - I tried the local VW dealer and they were sold out - went to the closest import auto parts store and bingo! They had them and at the right price -- I too put my on "upside down" to disguise the VW logo. Looks fine.

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