gas in oil??

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Mar 6, 2002
I just got this motor its a 76 2f went to change the oil and it smelled like it was mixed with gas???

could this be a bad fuel pump??
Have you tried running it or is that the way it came to you? I had a similar problem a few years ago with a Corolla and it kept flooding off (bad carb.).
I had it happen with a flooding carb. The solenoid was suck so it kept dumping gas and I ended up with about 1/2 gallon of gas in the oil. I would get the problem fixed soon as you never know when the conditions will be right for explosion of the gas. Probably won't explode the vehicle but cna do aweful things inside. Mine was extreme, I think, but luckily got it fixed quick and drove it little.

must be some kind of terrorist who likes driving bombs around. just kiddin yeh it happens either way but either way ya look art it gas in the crank will do all kinda nasty stuff, oil breaks down bearings give out s*** like that.
well I have ran the motor before but never driven it the oil looked normal before I started running it

i put 5bucks gas in the tank ran it for a total on 15 mins and then it ran out of gas ???

put more gas in and run it for a bit then go to change the oil and its gassy oil ???

I know that my carb is crappy but is it most likely the fuel pump? or is it

what should i do
You could rig a cheap electric pump and totally take the mechanical out of the line, and then run it and see if there is gas in the oil, if there still is, then its probably the carb.
With that much gas disappearing in 15 min...i would lean to the fuel pump dumping the fuel would see big nasty black stinky clouds coming out of the exhaust pipe...if you could keep it running...that is if the carb was dumping all that in the crankcase via the cylinders.
I will probably go with and electric fuel pump and a block off plate

any recomendations on electric fuel pumps??
I'd put a mechanical back...but thats just me. If you go electric make sure it isn't a high pressure unit....7 psi is plenty. should have an inexpensive holley unit.
I use a $40 Napa ~4 psi (IIRC) generic. Mounted to a bolt on the PS of cylinder block, grounded to a valve cover vent and gets power from that little terminal deal on the bracket from the ignition coil. Never had a problem, the seal on my old mechanical wasn't bad, the pump was just dead so I left it there for now, might eventually go back to mechanical for purist and K.I.S.S. reasons.
heres a pic

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