Garrett turbo flange ID

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Dec 29, 2017
West Lake Macquarie
I'm looking to install a 3 inch exhaust to my HZJ105. Wish I had the time and tab skills to build one from scratch so want to order a prebuilt exhaust instead. Purpose is to release a few more horse power and get EGT's down a bit. No intention of more boost or turbo upgrade.

I have a Turbo glide kit installed in 2006 running 12psi of boost. Never seen gauge go past 10.

Garrett Turbo Part number is 14411-24D00.

Turbo glide told me it was a GT28 body. Not quite sure how to translate that into a flange such as denco or safari etc..

I can't seem to identify the flange for the dump pipe.

My initial intention was to replace the whole exhaust including dump pipe.

I got a drawing of the denco flange but it doesn't line up.

OD of dump pipe behind flange is 60mm, so not much room for a 3 inch pipe there.

End of dump pipe before join to factory exhaust is OD 63mm before flare.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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