Garmin Emap with Topo CD & Accesories

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Nov 25, 2003
United States
I have had this GPS unit for three year without any problems. I am selling it to purchase a new color GPS unit. The unit is in good shape except for some scratches. I am including all the stuff listed below with the unit for $200 plus shipping (hell the CD's alone me cost that)

Garmin EMAP (Retail $299)
8mb Garmin memory card
Garmin Computer Cable ($25)
Gamrin Car adaptor (cigarette lighter power)($25)
Garmin dash mount w/ base. ($45)
Garmin Metro Guide CD (all city streets in USA) ($100)
Garmin Topo 2 CD Set (all Topo maps for USA) ($100)

Why are you dumping it? Got a pic? Does it do altitude and can it measure speed and distance (like an odometer).
Its this one.


I have the same unit. I like it alot. Big screen, good button design/placement. Yes it can do all the things you asked (most units do in some wayshapeform), although it calculates altitude from the satilites, not a barometer as some units now utilize.

It has a expandable memory card, the two biggest: 64mb available for $100, 128mb for $175. All the accessories are still available for it as well despite being discontinued.

It appears that it was discontinued in 2001-02 when they released the Garmin 72/76 series (which I also have at work) which are virtualy the same unit in display & function for the most part, with different packaging and a few more options.
I am going to upgrade to a $500+ color unit that's why I am selling the unit.

It does all the things you mentioned. One of the nicest features I like is the trip computer - It measures trip distance, total time, stopped time, moving time, max speed, average speed, etc. Very nice for keeping track of a trip.

The 8mb card that comes with the unit is good enough to add about 1/3 a state of topo maps or a large metro area of street maps. With street maps you can look up any address in the area and it will list the finding from the datebase. It also has a large base map with all the major freeways and roads. Very nice on a road trip to hit find - then exits - then services and have the unit show what exits are coming up, the distance and what gas stations/services are at each exit (very useful when you are running low on fuel).

I can post pictures of whatever you want, let me know.

mounting brackets?
The first two pictures are of the Garmin mount. The base unit has a button that releases the main part that holds the unit. So when not in use the mount can be removed. The last picture is of the RAM mount for the Emap. I forgot I had it (use it on my dirtbike), but it's just the part that the Emap goes into and nothing else. The suction cup or rollbar mount would have to be purchased to use the RAM mount.



Let me do a little research. I was looking at the Etrex Vista but this may be a deal I can't pass up. I was hoping to get a newer model that could be used in my cruiser as well as on the trail. What about dumping the software you have? I may be interested in buying that off you if it would still be compatible wit the newer units.

Your thoughts?
I'll take it! How do you want payment? Shipping will be to 53092. Want to figure shipping and I will get the $ to you ASAP. This will be great for the Cruiser/boat/motorcycles.
Chris in Wisconsin

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