Garage Sale Haslet TX

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Apr 11, 2006
Haslet TX
United States
[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica]Going to open the garage to try and sell some of this stuff. Just trying to clean out the shop. Really for the local guys, not wanting to ship anything, sorry.

This saturday the 16th from 8AM-12Noon and sunday from 9AM -1PM.

Contact info: Cell 817-456-6832, Home 817-720-0296, located in Haslet TX 76052. Want to look, call and stop by anytime before then.

Misc parts:

NV4500 tranny 6.34 first gear with BH and stock t-case-- $500.00
SM465 10 spline output /BH and clutch-- $150.00
SM465-NP203 adapter – NEW -- $150.00
35x12.5x15 Dunlop Mud Rovers on 15x10 Aluminum wheels, 6 on 5.5, little life left, $150.00
Grand Waggy axles, Pass side offset f/r, $200.00
Warn 8274 winch, older model, works great, good cable, $500.00
Th350/NP203 core only $100.00
NP 203, was mated to 465, $100.00
Small window AC unit, $25.00
Shop fan, like 48” diameter, $75.00
Stock Dana 60 axle shafts, 35 spline inners, 30 spline outers, hubs, Chevy, $150.00
$500 1992 Chevy 350 TBI, stock, headers, dual alternators, one 200 amp, and a stock one
$400 Th350 Transmission, rebuilt, reverse manual VB, shift kit, new converter, not run
$200 Rear High Angle 1350 CV with 1410 axle joint
$2000 Front D60 4.56 gears, welded, Alloy USA axle shafts w/CTMS’s(new not run), KP, disk brakes, SE ram with high steer, PolyPerf drive flanges
$150 F350 tonneau cover 99-03 velcro sides, little jacked up still works
$50 superwinch 1800
$200 HMMMWV rims, 5 stock ones
Misc leaf springs, waggy/FJ40 mostly
Drive shafts, again waggy/FJ40 mostly, couple of CV joints
2.5" exhaust tubing and some 90/45 degree bends
small diamond plate tool box
F350 hydroboost pump mounted to Summit brake master cylinder
SM420 bell housing
Boatload of u bolts, leaf spring perches/plates etc
Self climbing deer stand
Battery management switch and misc wire

FJ40 parts –
Complete front end, drums, with rims/tires/springs attached, $100.00
Steel doors, early style, $250.00
2 – Windshield frames, early style, with wiper motor, 1 w/glass, $250
4spd tranny/tcase, $150.00
Stock hard top, disassembled, some rust, $200.00
Front fenders and bib/bezel, $250.00
Bezel $25.00
2 rear axle housings $75
Skid plate
2 brake booster and master, clutch slave x2
FJ40 jump seats, short ones had new covers put on
FJ40 soft doors

This is not an all inclusive list, I have a ton of crap in there, feel free to stop by and browse because it all needs to go.

I really do not want to hold anything, if you have the cash please stop by or make arrangements.
Do you happen to go Austin every now and then :) or if they dont sell Im interested in the doors if you will ship them
Austin, will be done that way at the end of june/july for a bach party. If you would like to make arrangements, we can make it happen.

Plano, not too far. Haslet if just on the SW side of the TX motor speedway, about an 1 hr drive.
Inetersted in the NV4500 and the front fenders if they are in good shape. Got pics?
working on some pics, there are several people in front of you for both. they are supposed to be here on saturday.
working on some pics, there are several people in front of you for both. they are supposed to be here on saturday.

Ignore Fireman he's a notorius tire kicker........:doh::doh::D:D
Pm sent
WHY did I just start reading this board again today? guess I missed out. I'll keep my eyes open if you do a fall cleaning as well.

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