Garage rescue of 1971 FJ40

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Jun 16, 2012
sonora, ca
Found it hiding in Ceres, Ca. Prior to me getting it it appears to have resided off the road for almost 21 years. It was apparently getting set for an engine swap. It has new springs. And tons of spare parts. it even came with a 1976 Camaro 305ci engine. I am getting a f engine later today? i am undecided if I should put it back in? I also have a 4 speed for it? Well this is my start anyways.. Been a lurker for a longtime. registered finally. And yes i am a dreaded HEEP owner...

P.S. GRILLE is upside down...:popcorn:

I love a good challenge.. I crawled under her.. She is really clean and barely any surface rust. It could be because she was sold in Red Bluff, Ca. and kept in Red Bluff for her life?

I have a ton of parts on the vehicle that appear they were replaced years ago? they have these bags hanging off them with mounting hardware? Is that like Toyota factory stuff?

Has either 20, 000 miles or 120,000 miles or 220,000 miles.. the date code on tires are dated 1990....LOL

Will be getting started playing with it next week.. I am open to suggestions and critics....LOL Just sometimes not responsive....

Grill is right side up, BEZEL needs flipped though. Sheesh.......
Welcome former J**per, you will not regret it. Looks like a nice start.
Stick with the 2F if it runs. Keep the adapters for when the poison kicks in and your son-in-law gets it. :flipoff2:
Update to to Garage rescue of 1971 FJ40.

So here is the Engine I have decided to put back in. i want low end torque.. I like V-8's but love all things that revolve around straight 6 engines. I will probably be selling brand new conversion set-up later..

And here is another shot of engine. I will be stripping off and getting rid of the 3 speed.. i will be offering it up in For Sale section.. smooth tranny.. shifts fine..

Looky what I found amongst all the parts? It is the mounts i will need to re-install the straight 6. i love the fact the PO did not throw away anything..
Oh i am loving IH8MUD..

so far I have found two parts i need and desire......

1st- Thank you Trollhole for selling me the PTO drive... ooooohhhh yeah
2nd-Thank you Bdiemer for selling me a used carb.......ooooohhhh yeah againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

I am loving my Paypal account.....LOL
Congrats on making the "right" choice on the engine. You're gonna have lots of fun making it look good again. Keep us posted.
Great year for a Cruiser ;) Clean up the engine before putting it in, get rid of the silly blinkers and rear lights on the hard top and keep the grill as is, but yes flip the Bezel :D Why do you need a PTO drive when that is not a PTO winch? Nice find, have fun getting it road worthy!

and yeah, flippy 'da bezel
Retired. I was in for 8 years. Destroyed my left leg. Was medical led out. Did police officer for 15 years. Severed both Achilles tendons. Medical led again arghhhhhh . Will drive the snot outta it as a daily driver to intimidate local Heepers.
Looking at the pics of those motor mounts... I hope you can get access to a sandblast cabinet. Life will be sooo much easier. If so, after sandblasting parts I suggest Rustoleum Rusty Metal Primer for a base coat. In 30+ years of Cruiser ownership it has never given me cause for regret, it really works!

Nice find, Good Luck with it!:bounce:
The world's greatest... My favorite combination. 25lbs of glass beads.. and 25lbs of red garnit.. makes for the fastest and best blast booth material. My parts come out smooth and lightly textured so paint and primer adhere perfectly...
I have played this rodeo way to many times and way too long. I like a good quality rig and have no problem throwing hours and sweat and blood at them. i also like helping fellow owners. so if anyone is in over their head and is near me.. i may not know everything. But i am willing to share my shop and my tools and time to help you get yours fixed up..This even includes if you just want to come over and bead blast parts and powder coat em.. you pay for my powder you use of course. Oven died last week so i am looking for a new one. i only do parts small enough to fit in a regular range style oven..

P.S. I also keep that little brown fridge full of Coors and soda....LOL

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