Gaia Mapping questions

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I do--love it. Incredible array of cool maps and layers (public land layers, Nat Geo maps, so many others that I've probably only scratched the surface)

Yes, I think premium is totally worth it--it has all kinds of neato features like layers you cannot get otherwise and "snap to track" route planning, which enables me to find out exactly how much farther we need to hike when the kids start whining and asking "how much farther?" Nice to be able to say "1.8 km" and then start a pace count, which helps keep them engaged.

The route tracking is also great--you get to the end of the hike/drive and can know exactly how far it was, what the vertical profile looked like, elevation gain/loss, and all kinds of cool facts.
Yes, its easily the best.
You can layer USFS, Nat Park, Property marker, and MVUM maps create custom routes and saved everything to your phone for when you dont have service. Theres some other handy features as well. O, also the Cove trails are now on it as well.
I use Gaia for mapping out trail runs. It's awesome to be able to pick an area I want to run and then map out a run based on the distance and elevation I want to do. Then I can export the GPX file to Garmin and have it loaded on my watch. Gaia is way easier to use than Garmin's mapping software and seems to have more of the lesser travelled trails on it.

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