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Jan 12, 2015
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  1. 40 Series
30309 Atlanta Georgia, United States
Selling my newly built 1976 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 for $49,999.

Located in Atlanta, GA
Link: 1976 Toyota Land Cruiser | eBay -

This is a frame off restoration with hundreds (if not thousands) of hours in fabrication and build. Every detail has been meticulously fabricated with the best hardware available creating an extremely off-road capable and fun vehicle. The truck is titled, plated, and has approximately 1,000 street miles on it. Comes with hard doors and the metaltech roll cage will fit a top, but the top is not included. I have only taken it off-road once for light shake down purposes but it is Rubicon/Fordyce ready and will make someone very happy.

The truck cruises comfortably down the highway and has tons of power/torque on tap with the LS V8. The truck spent its life in northern Nevada and does not have any rust. The truck now resides in Atlanta, GA. I know the original owner and have the clean title in my name ready to sign over. The truck doesn't leak or burn any fluids and does not need any mechanical repair. Will easily do 80mph on the interstate and drives straight. Very easy to drive.

•1976 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 frame off restoration

• BD Turnkey LS LM7 5.3L low mileage drive by wire engine tuned to 330 horsepower (I have the dyno sheet available). You must run premium fuel with this vehicle. These come with a painless harness, OBD2 port, fuse box, etc. and are amazing

• Tilden Motorsports late model 4l60E automatic transmission with Lokar shifter

• Atlas II Transfercase, 4.3:1 with twin sticks

• Advance Adapters trans to t-case adapter and VSS tone ring kit. Can do front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, high or low

• Dynatrac Dana 60 high pinion front axle with Yukon 5:13 gears, 35 spline Detroit full carrier locker, high steer and manual locking hubs

• Rear is full width 14 bolt full float axle with 5.13 Yukon gears and Yukon locker. Disc brake conversion with mini truss, 1350 u-joint style yoke, pinion guard and motobilt shaved diff cover. Full master rebuild kit with Timken bearings and seals

• 5 Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 40x13.5r17 tires

• 5 brand new Hutchinson RockMonster DOT approved two piece double beadlock wheels. 17x8.5" and 8x6.5" bolt pattern. The wheels alone were $3k

• King 16" remote reservoir coilovers tuned and sprung by Ryan at Accu-Tune. Currently set up for 7" jounce, 9"droop. 100 over 200 lb springs. The truck curb weight is light and this rate makes it articulate well yet have good roll stiffness for on-road driving

• Rough Country Jeep Cherokee 3" rear leaf springs (to stretch wheel-base out back, this is common swap)

• Advance adapters engine mounts and t-case mount

• 3 link front suspension with panhard bar. All 2" .25" wall DOM with Currie Johnny Joints. Great link geometry and steering geometry. Has no bump steer and you can see drag link and panhard are on the same plane and only 1 degree angle at ride height. They have some compound bends to keep the truck low yet get as much up travel as possible but geometry on this truck is well calculated and executed

• Champion 3 core radiator with mechanical fan (I always prefer over electrical). Has integral transmission cooler. Harness has leads for an electric fan if desired (as well as cruise control and other accy)

• 2" travel nitrogen charged fox air bumps out back and Timbren progressive bumps up front. Rear shocks are 12" travel Bilsteins (brand new)

• Custom front bolt on winch bumper, rock sliders, rocker panel bolt on armor and bolt on swing down rear tire carrier

• 9500 lb winch and rear 2500 lb pull down winch with remote control and synthetic line. Rear winch allows you to reduce the rear ride height for garage storage or for steep descents offroad

• All new speedhut gauges with Speedo, Tach, Water, Fuel, Trans, Oil Press, Volts and Clock

• Baja Designs OnX6 10" light bar on top of winch with amber lense (clear lens comes with it as well). Very bright and great set up

• Switch Pros SP 9100 with 8 function touch pad (currently set up for heated seats, wipers, front lights, rear lights, dome light, line lock and heater). The truck is wired for rear lights, but none are currently on the truck.

• Mico Line lock allows you to set the front brakes to do burnouts or use as parking brake. Press button on switch pros panel, press brakes and it is engaged. When done, press button again, press brakes again and the brakes will release

• Complete JL Audio marine system with 2 - 8" subwoofers in a custom line x covered box. 4 roll cage mounted marine speakers (vector series). No worries about getting the gear wet as it was designed to. Sounds incredible even at speed. Has a bass control knob on the center console as well

• Tuffy locking center console with cup holders

• Husky cargo storage in rear for all of your off-road gear. I also have the rear seat that can easily be swapped out

• Dash panel has turn signal indicators, high beam indicator and an LED that turns yellow if there is a check engine light. Original steering column with key, turn signal switch etc. is used and functional

• 800 series new Saginaw box with Borgeson steering u-joints and shaft. Box is 4 turn, 16:1 ratio. Slow enough to be comfortable on the road but low ratio enough that you can static steer with one hand

• Fully boxed and plated frame rails that have been epoxy coated

• Fully stainless 3" exhaust, tig welded with v-band clamps, flex sections and Hooker shorty block hugger headers. The exhaust is a work of art and the majority has been header wrapped

• Brand new odyssey group 34 red battery and master power switch. Artec battery box mount

• Truck-Lite LED heated headlights and non heated tail lights. Almost $1k in lights alone. Same headlights and taillights as seen on new military humvees.

• Painless custom 23 circuit harness installed with kevlar split loom and fully weatherpack connectors

• Metal Tech roll cage, 2" .120 DOM. Bolt in with frame tie-ins. Cage still fits a top

• Gobi cab heater and heated seats

• RCI 15 gallon fuel cell with Artec mount. Holly hydramat and Alltech motorsports baffling. They hydromat allows you to utilize every drop of fuel, even in off camber situations, so you do not starve the motor for fuel. This is a common problem for standard fuel pickups, which has now been eliminated with this setup. The baffling will not deteriorate and clog filters and prevents weight shift in off camber situations

• Front seats are heated leather from a Subaru WRX STI. Rear is a fold and tumble bench seat from a Jeep Wrangler TJ. Front has mastercraft harnesses. Rear has latch for car seats with an engineered mount welded to the frame

• Spectre Off-road bikini top

• Poly performance urethane body mounts, no body lift

• Everything installed with new standard grade 8 zinc coated with nylock washer or 10.9 if metric. All new hardware from McMaster Carr

• Walbro 255 fuel pump with OEM corvette fuel filter/regulator

• Fuel system all -6 and -8 AN Fragola fittings and push-lite fuel hose from Summit Racing

• T100 dual diaphragm booster and brand new Toyota 1 ton master cylinder. Great stopping power. Front calipers are from an F250 super duty and the rears are front calipers from a Chevy 3/4 ton k20

• Professionally painted single stage Olive Drab Green and epoxy primer-ed. Interior sprayed with U-Pol Raptor Liner with professional spray setup. This has the texture and durability of Line-X and you can reference the reviews on Amazon but it is phenomenal stuff

• I am meticulous with wire, hose, etc. routing and everything has been abrasion resistant wrapped, shielded, zip tied and flush cut with high quality materials

• Comes with whatever spare parts I have, some recovery gear, some stock landcruiser parts, left over fab parts like tabs, brackets etc. I purchased from ballistic fabrication

• Comes with full doors in great condition. Roll cage still will fit a hard or soft top but you'll have to unbolt the tire carrier. The tire carrier if you unbolt the top bolts will hinge down on the rear bumper making for easy tire changes if necessary

• 24" frame height, 83" to top of roll cage. This is without using the rear pull down winch, that drops it a few more inches. Fits through my small garage door.

• Track width: 79"

• Wheel base: 102"

I am happy to take any additional photos, videos, phone calls, you name it to talk to a potential buyer about the vehicle. If a potential buyer wants to come see the truck in person before bidding please let me know and I'd be happy to set up a time​
Jan 12, 2015
The part where the body was removed from the frame to restore it. Happy to send pics bud. Maybe you should be informed before you speak
Apr 11, 2019
Is my vision correct in seeing a baby/young child in the backseat of photo 8. Rock-a-by baby. Breaking them in young. ha
Jan 12, 2015
Updated the title to appease the keyboard warriors who have little else to do with their time
May 16, 2010
Restomod mud trucks are a dime a dozen down here in Florida, and that is what you have there. I appreciate the build, really I do. But I am far from a keyboard warrior, I have currently 4 cruisers, and a few racers, do my own work and have a day job. That looks like you spent a considerable amount of time and money on your truck, but 50k? As I said, GLWTS.
Jan 12, 2015
You managed to leave off “internet troll” on the resume you left. Get a life dude
May 16, 2010
Do you even lift bro?

Frame off resto is a pretty easy definition. Again, looks like you spent a lot of money to have a bunch of people do a lot of stuff to resto-mod your truck. Again, I like it.
Been on this site 6 years longer than you, and probobly 10 more cruisers, and I have never stuffed a chevy engine in any of them and tried to sell them for 50. I hear there is a company doing that, I think their name is ICON.
I love this site and these trucks, so cry if you want, but your mud truck isn't a restoration.

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