For Sale g-shock mudman TLC new in box!!

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Sep 2, 2010
United States
New in box 2007 g shock mudman TLC edition. Limited run. Discontinued. Asking 500 shipped. Item is located in socal
Some what interested but how many was made?pardon my asking is it made in Japan?How do we know you can be trusted you been here on 5 post?
Japan release. However its made in China. Not sure on how many were made but most of their limited runs are under a 1000. You can screen name and will find me in other car forums. I go by maverick on the FJC forums in socal and norcal. Lastly, fjc8871 and amaesing can vouch for me being that their close friends. I don't post much here because I'm on other forums more and honestly can't keep up.

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