FZJ80 Swaybar Bushings or ????

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Dec 23, 2002
I have noticed serious play in my steering and lean and roll during offroading with my 97 FZJ80. I just replaced my front aftermarket sway bar bushings and had to shave a bit off the inside to make them fit. I am still experiencing the same problems and its kind of scary while offroading as it leans alot. Could this be due to some other part of the suspension like the panhard rod etc ??

Thank you,

97 FZJ80
I'd check the panhard....could make for funky steering/side movement issues.
What should I be looking for on the Panhard ?
Attached a picture of the trailing arm with sway bar bushing and bracket taken off. Could the black bushings on the trailing arm be messed up and causing the problem ?

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