For Sale FZJ80 Slee Parts

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Nov 16, 2006
Buddy left these at my house and no longer needs them.
- Rear Swaybar Drop brackets Part#:SOF1009 -SOLD-
- Not sure if these are front swaybar drop blocks or rear bumbstop blocks. $25
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I'll take the front sway bar drop blocks. Sent you a PM. Thanks.
holiday weekend bump...

Rear Sway drops gone...

Blocks still available (clownmidget is passing on them)! Comes with hardware (not seen in photos)!

Still have not heard back from Slee if if these are front sway drop blocks or rear bumpstop blocks. Hole spacing center to center is 4.5" if you want to measure and figure it out!
I believe they are the rear bump stop blocks. If that is $25 shipped I will take them. PM sent.

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