For Sale FZJ80 Seat Set, KC Daylighters Spot and Flood,

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Oct 11, 2013
Burbank, CA (SOCAL)
United States
Front Seats, Tan, these fronts just had new seat gears and caps put on, Those alone are worth $40, seats work except for the passengers side recline function, might need a new seat control unit, not exactly sure what the problem is. Seats have leather damage as seen. $SPF50 for the pair.

Second row seats, in better condition that the front row but still show cracks and dry leather, this picture makes it look much better than real life due to lighting. $50 for the pair.

Third row seating, same car, in better shape than the other front 2 rows, only problem is there is a golf ball size hole in the back of one of them. In condition otherwise, $50 for the pair.

KC Daylighter halogen lights, 2 spots and 2 floods, 2 pairs overall. used but still work good. they would be good candidates for an HID swap. Case color is black, with yellow covers. One of the covers has a crack in it, doesnt affect it staying on, just cosmetic at this point. $SOLD

Not sure who makes these, but appears to be H3 bulbs in housing, great for reverse lights, in good condition, used as well. $25 for the pair

FZJ80 OEM Battery holder, a bit of rust, nothing a little sanding and painting can't fit, includes the bolts $25
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bump, front seats are SPF

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