For Sale FZJ80 running boards and grill guard.

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Mar 11, 2010
Kokomo, IN
United States
I have the factory or dealer added running boards for my 94 Land Cruiser if anyone is interested $50. I also have the grill guard that came on it. $50. I do not want to mess with shiping them nor could I imagine it would be worth any one shipping them but I don't want them in my garage anymore either so if your at all interested in them I would be happy to work something out. I also have a set of chrome tube steps for a 07 and newer Tundra double cab and all the harware to mount them. Oh yeah, Im in northcentral Indiana.
factory steps and grill gaurd 1 photo.jpg
Tundra steps 4 photo.jpg
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Sold the grill guard off craigslist. Still have the running boards if anyone is interested.
Grill Guard

Dang! My buddy from work is in Kokomo this weekend to see his daughter and I need a grill guard. That would have been a good deal for my FZJ80. Good luck with the running boards!

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