FZJ80 mileage numbers?

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Aug 19, 2003
I am considering purchase of an FZJ80 with stock drive train. Can any of you help me out with mileage numbers? I am getting 15.5 MPG with my FJ60 and H55F. Can I get close with the FZJ80?


stock suspension, 285s, loaded, freeway 65mph, average btween 16 and 17 over many hundreds of miles
depends on how you drive.. running straight down the highway on flat ground at 60mph you can get great milage for a cruiser.. run it 80 or 90 like I do and I get 13-14.. this is loaded on the stock cruiser.. bigger tires and lift you loose a little.. last time we did the trip to my parrents over 1000 miles round trip we got 11-12mpg in cathys cruiser
:) my '93 245,000+mi. combined high way/city 13/14 mi /gal.

When I picked up my 94 in MT and started the drive to CO I was getting 360 miles to the tank with an ARB and a Warn 12,000 and I put on the lift, 285's and a Slee rear and started using the ethanol spiked fuel and the mileage went right to 280 or so to the tank. I average about 13 mpg highway.

I got 18 mpg on one road trip. Probably getting 15-16 mph on the road now. Got bigger tires, etc. which effected the mileage. Get one you will really love it. Remember you told me to get an 80. Now it is time for you to step up C-Man and be a 80 owner.

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