FZJ80 M/C W/O ABS on a FJ40

Aug 17, 2003
granite falls WA.
OK i hope some one can help me with this one. i was doing a search the other day and came across a post that stated that the FZJ80's without anti lock brakes master cylinder is set up so the front outlet goes to the rear brakes and the rear outlet goes to the front brakes, is this true?

i am curious because the discription of it is exactly what i have, the post said that the front outlet on the M/C faces up and the rear one is on the side facing slightly rearward. this is the one i have on my 76 FJ40, i got it from JT outfitters and they didnt say how to hook it up and i installed it like my original one. so i want to make sure its right, i have been driving it this way for over a year with no problems. and yes i have 4 wheel disc's. THANKS IN ADVANCE! :beer:
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