FZJ80 in Austin 1996

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Nov 26, 2004
Has anyone seen or driven this one?


He took it to Bearden Automotive at my request and had it checked over. I was just looking for another opinion and someone else who has seen it (without hopefully discovering it for someone here).

Any input is welcome.
...and I would be thrilled to drive my Blazer down to Austin for someone to buy when I pick up the cruiser!

I tried to post it down there on craigslist as well as my Dallas listing, but it wouldn't let double post.
I think Henry C. checked it out...his handle is Exiled on MUD.
"posting has been deleted". I guess someone bought it. Craigslist land cruisers aren't lasting very long these days.
It wasn't me :(

Actually, he told me he decided to keep it through the summer, but I could still come down and look at it sometime.

Henry said it looked pretty good mechanically, but the interior was trashed.
Maybe I should sell my 1993...mmmm.

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