FZJ80 Fender Flare- White

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Jun 25, 2003
Rixeyville, VA
United States

The flares are off the truck. Now i need to sell these so i can line-x/rhinoline the truck.

All the flares are in great shape except for one half of the rear drivers side flare, it has a 2 inch crack and a little rock rash.

Otherwise they are great and i even have both front mudflaps if needed.

Make a good offer, just trying to pay for fender lining.


Tell me which one you want, $300 bucks.

Oh, and i'll throw in all the rest for free
how much for front flaps ? with or with out running boards?
The front mudflaps are intended for 80s without running boards.

I may or may not sell seperate. Waiting to hear from 1st potential buyer.
Do you have the seals that go with the flares?
Any pics of the damaged flare?
The seals are currently on all the flares.

The slightly damaged flair can be seen in the photo.
Looks like you did a very careful job of removing. Any advice? I'd really like to Durabak/Rhino Line the flares, but would rather do off the truck and then reinstall.

I removed them b.c. they were getting in alot of situations where rocks were gonna chew them up. I removed them before this happend so i could get some money for them and pay for my rhino lining.

Removing them and taking them to a place will save you tons of money.

I went to school for 4 hours, work for 7 hours, drove an hour home and then began removing the flares very late in this evening.

The rear flares which are on the actualy body have two 10mm nuts that are easily accessed by removing the cargo panels.

Once those are off the flare will pop off.

The same goes for the fronts except there are three nuts, two of which can easily be accessed by removing the front marker light and the third you can get to from the engine bay. Now the front will pop off.

I had an easy time with those and they went quick.

Where i found the hardest part was with the flare portions that are attached to the rear doors. They are easy to get off with a few 10mm nuts/bolts like the other but on the very bottom is a nut, I'm in VA where rust is an issue, the nuts were gone and were a big pain.

Hopefully b/c your in CA you wont have these issues.

Good luck.
Did you sell the front flaps?

(I'm a little slow, I didn't realize this thread was running at the same time my "flares and flaps wanted" post was)

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