For Sale FZJ80 Factory Exhaust Resonator and Tip

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Feb 26, 2004
United States
Sorry I don't have pics handy, but I can get them if needed.

I have a factory Land Cruiser FZJ80 Resonator muffler and exhaust tip for sale. This the part that fits on the very end of the exhaust. Came off of my 1995 model. It was cut right behind the resonator muffler, so it includes the resonator muffler, mounting bracket and the exhaust tip. Is in great condition, no rust, has about 110K miles on it.

Shipping will probably be about $35, due to weight, but could be cheaper depending on where it's going. Send me your zip if interested. I'm asking $60 OBO for it.

Best to email me directly if interested.
So this can't be bolted back up since it's been cut?
I believe the mount is secured to the resonator itself, so just mate up your pieces and bolt it back up. My EMS system didn't have the resonator originally and the stock resonator was "recycled" at the end for a differnet sound.

edit: sorry for butting in but I was interested in the title as I found a use for it myself. Plus I don't mind giving Brian a bump as he has a great website that has helped pass lots of time at work - they cracked down on my Mud use :-(
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