For Sale FZJ80—engine, exhaust, trans, etc.--MAJOR UPDATE!

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Aug 4, 2011
Western Nebraska
United States

Parts list with prices below. It is not complete so if I don’t have it listed just ask! Everything is OBO. I just took a stab at prices so if you disagree make an offer. I’m not trying to get rich or make a big profit, I’m just trying to be fair and reasonable. If you buy multiple things I will discount the prices!

Located in Western Nebraska—only about 2.5 hrs from Denver. Willing to ship USPS, UPS, or palletize and ship via freight. Shipping is in addition to prices below.

Feel free to PM or email bmschmitt at

Parts are off 1996 LX450.

AC lines (all available)
AC condensor coil $150
Coolant overflow tank $10
Water pump pulley $20
Flex plate $40
Alternator $40
PS reservoir $10
Transfer case $200
Exhaust downpipe with front catalytic converter (cat likely bad) $100
Rear catalytic converter (cat likely bad) $25
Muffler and adjacent pipes $25
Tailpipe $40

Intake manifold (upper and lower) $75
Front driveshaft $75
Rear driveshaft $50
Air intake tube $25
Radiator $85
Mass airflow sensor (MAF) (22250-66050) $50
Radiator fan shroud $35
Radiator fan $20
Throttle body $50
EFI Relay (90987-02004) $5
Taillight/Horn Relay (90987-01003) $5
Ignition coil (19080-66010, 90919-02209) $10
Coil igniter (89621-26010) $35
ABS relay (88263-12080) $15
ABS computer (89541-60020, 89540-60040) $15
Cruise control actuator/cable/cover (88002-60030) $125
Cruise control computer (88240-60060) $100
Transmission relay (89531-60010) $50
Computer shift lock control (85933-60050) $5
Fuel pump relay (28381-16020, 28380-66010) $25
AC compressor $100
Transmission $165
Spark plug wires (NGK, 5,000 miles) $40
Distributor w/ new cap $75
Exhaust manifold (front and rear) $50
Brake MC/booster $100
Starter (5,000 miles, Napa) $75
Air cleaner $30
ECU $100
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It looks to be OEM...

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Is this a motor swap or a full part-out?

If parting, I'm looking for a pair of the OE "fried egg" front cornermarker lights.
Do you still have the front and rear exhaust manifolds ? If so call me 410 330 6185
Do you still have the front and rear exhaust manifolds ? If so call me 410 330 6185
I do. I’ll give you a holler once I get them off and check them out. I pulled the motor this past weekend.
Did you take the cornermarkers @jonheld ?? - I'm just changing out from amber std issue TLC ones, if you're fixing cracked/missing ones you're needing them more than me.

But I'll grab them if you're not :hillbilly:
Yea, I took the headlights and front corner lamps. I'm collecting spares for my LX450.
Can you post pics of exhaust. In denver

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