Wanted FZJ80 eLocker wiring harnesses.

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Jul 8, 2006
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I am in the middle of installing:wrench: eLocker axles from a 1994 FZJ80 into a 1994 FZJ80 non locker model. I have the complete axles hub to hub, computer control box and dash knob. I am in need of the wiring harnesses from the chassis to the actuators on the axles themselves. Let me know what you have, and the cost.

Thanks in advance!

I know this is A bit off topic but why didn't you with air lockers?
elocker plugs

I have the 2 plugs that go into the elocker motors. Call or tx me @ 818-813-3112. Have paypal too
FZJ80 harnesses for eLocker axles

I heard those harnesses were installed on every fzj80 with or without lockers. I suppose you've looked around under there.

You can get them cheap from cruiserparts.net or pretty cheap new from beno.

You are correct, the main harness's extend to the chassis just above the axles with a disconnect plug. The wires I need go from that plug down to the axles and plug on the other side at the actuator. These are the short cables only a couple feet long.

I have bought parts in the past from the sources you mentioned and will keep it in mind. Just trying to land a good price on used first if I can. The cables don't normally go bad unless you have an accident.

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