FZJ80 Electrical Issues

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Jun 15, 2017
Brooklyn, NY
I removed some auxiliary lighting wiring from my FZJ80 that was installed by previous owner and now my battery is losing charge when parked for a week or so. Is it possible that I left some wiring open/uninsulated and that could be causing the loss in charge? Anything else I'm missing? Battery is relatively new and just tested it. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
First thing I would do is put your multimeter into ammeter mode and put it in series of your positive battery terminal and the attaching looms. See if there is indeed a current draw. Then, figure out which line is pulling the draw. Testing each of the fusible link lines, etc. You can also then do this in the fuse box area. Remove the fuse, and set the ammeter in series to the fuse connectors and test there narrowing down the circuit.

There is also a chance that your battery is just getting old by coincidence.

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