For Sale FZJ80 Bosal Ypipe 099-128, South Texas

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Apr 19, 2011
United States
Up for sale is one of the direct bolt-on solutions to y-pipe/front cat replacement (at least for 95-97), a new Bosal part 099-128.

$140 + shipping. It only weighs in around 13lbs, but boxed has large dimensions.

Bosal ypipe.jpg Bosal ypipe2.jpg
I want this. Just joined mud and bought a 95. I need a new exhaust mine has holes. How do I pay you? I'm Lane, thank you.
Welcome to the community! I have learned a lot from the members here. Let me know what zip code it will be shipped to and I'll get a shipping quote for you. Then I'll send you a PM (conversation) with my paypal info.
48221 Detroit Mi. Thank you and I look forward to wrenching myself with all the tech info.

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