FZJ80 1997 factory spare tire carrier complete

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Jul 6, 2005
San Francisco, CA
United States
FZJ80 1997 factory spare tire carrier complete, LX450 rear bumper

This is the rear factory undercar complete steel spare tire carrier. It bolts up to both sides of the frame rail and lowers the spare on a chain. I don't have the bolts that bolt it to the frame, nor do I have the long rod/tool the goes thru the back under the tailgate to lower it. You should have this in your spare tire tool kit anyway.

This is the steel spare tire carrier unit only with chain and bracket at the end of the chain that the tire rests on. No rust whatsoever. This is from a CA truck and I went with a custom rear bumper that incorporates the spare up there. Replace your rusty setup with this beauty :beer:

$75 plus shipping FIRM

If you need a picture or want the carrier please email me: gnx7@hotmail.com

I'm not in this section much at all so email is BEST!

LX450 complete rear bumper left/right/center piece. champagne color A couple scratches $100
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is that your final price? i'm interested and i can pick it up also.

tentatively sold to GPG_80

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