Wanted FZJ80/100, LX450/470, or 4runner from same years, stock or mild build, in/nea Nor Cal

United States
Hey there,

I'm a newbie to the forum, but my wife and I are looking to buy a new, bigger vehicle to supplement our Subie Forester. We love the Forester, but its tranny is on its last legs, and we're going to need a bigger vehicle for our growing family anyway.

So we're looking to buy an 80- or 100-series LC, the equivalent Lexus model, or maybe a 4runner from the same years. It'll be the wife's daily driver, so not looking for a madly built rig, but we won't object to small mods either (bit of lift, aftermarket lockers, etc. probably OK). Interior intact, minimal rust, lower mileage, continuous maintenance records all would be nice; also 3rd row seats for kids and friends. Budget is probably in high 4 figures unless we really love it.

We're in Palo Alto CA; local is preferable, but for the right truck I could go as far as I'd be able to drive back here in a day.

Open to all leads; thanks for reading!


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