FZJ-80: Gearing Sensation prior to Stopping...

Jul 21, 2006
Traverse City, Michigan
Hey Cruiserheads,

Im noticing something lately.

While slowing to a stop, I feel this "gearing" feeling go through my cruiser... There is now sound, just a vibration? or feeling. It makes me visualize gears and there teeth rotating... All my fluids are newer, less then 8k miles. I did do that Birfield repack last summer. Everything runs great, but you know how it is when you "sense" something different in your vehicle....

Any ideas or experiences welcomed!

All all you Cruiser Heads in TC give me a post...let me know you are out there... I m seeing more and more 80 all over the area!

Jason Hulet :bounce:
Mar 9, 2004
Imperial Valley, CA
all the bolts tight on the calps? or maybe a funky ABS sensor? I'd pull the ABS fuse and see if it changes..

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