FZJ 80 For Sale

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Jul 19, 2003
Sadly a confluence of events has conspired to compel me to put my rig on the market.
Most of you know it:
170+ miles
Setup for off roading - more expedition style than rock crawling. It HAS been off road.
Mild OME lift.
33 inch MTRs on OEM steel wheels.
Slee bumpers and sliders.
Warn 12k with syn rope.
ARB roof rack.
No flairs.

I'm thinking its worth 8K.

Then there's that fresh Gen 1 5.7 Vortec with L460E and all the accessories for sale.

I hope you're building a hundy!

Sorry to hear.
That's a bummer! I hope it goes to a good home. I will certainly pass the word.

I think you know I first got "80 lust" when you and the family brought that rig to my house for an HDC meeting. I don't think you even had bumpers/sliders yet, just the lift and the "huge" 33's on the steelies. It was love at first sight.

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