Fzj-80 Egr

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Jul 19, 2003
Just got back from a week in Canyonlands and the Mormon Emigrant Trail. Yea!

On the way back the Check Engine Light came on.
Reset by pulling the computer fuse, but it came back on.
Took it to a shop for diagnosis, the code thrown indicates something akin to reduced EGR flow.
Okay, so a clogged port or something.

My Q:
Is there a common or likely culprit I should look at first?

My other Q:
It cost me 25 bucks for the diagnosis.
Where can I get a program and cable so I can use a laptop for future self-diagnosis?

I bought one of these:

ScanGaugeII - Trip Computers + Digital Gauges + Scan Tool

My dad borrowed it, and after he used it instead of giving it back he just gave me the money to buy another one... Rory has one and I don't know who else - I love it. Very convenient - I velcro it down sometimes. It's how I was able to eek out 15.0 mpg averaging 75 mph (2 way runs) in our old 80.
If you have any Autozones in the area they do it for free.

As for the EGR...

There are tons of threads related to that in 80s tech. Was it the P0401 code? I had the same code before the HG blew, so while disassembled I cleaned everything possible, and replaced the EGR VSV. The problem did not return. There does not seem to be a cure all for the problem, but the FSM does provide testing procedures for the individual components in the system. Good luck!!!
The EGR system is quite simple, really. There is one temp probe on top of the intake manifold (feed back device), one VSV under the intake (PITA to access), EGR modulator and EGR valve. Start with cleaning the EGR valve and modulator and then work your way around the system. There's an easy way to test the temp probe by using a pot of boiling water and a meat thermo on stove top. FSM does a nice job of explaining how the whole thing works and troubleshoot. Lots of info on Mud.

OBD-II scanners are becoming quite inexpensive; check out Harbor Freight type places.

Good luck.
Good info, thanks, dudes.
The hard part is getting motivated...
so much easier to just go for a ride....


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