FYI on A/C

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Feb 8, 2007
Northeast Georgia (Habersham)
After tons of trouble shooting I found out that my A/C wouldn't kick on without the RPM gauge hooked up. Very simple, found out after dealer charged me 75 bucks with a "ummm...we aren't sure, we don't work on these that often " bulls*** I say, never go to Gainesville, Ga Toyota. :mad: FYI info. Always check that RPM b/c it effects the amplifier and don't go to toyota in Gainesville, GA. Even after arguing that it was a garbage charge, they still stood firm on keeping my money.
That sounds pretty low to me. I can imagine what my clients would have said if I had tried that!
"Gee, I'm not really sure why that is happening and I cannot fix it but that will be $75 please!"
my doctor says that to me quite often. so does the vet.

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