FYI - Kenda Klever R/T KR601.....NEW size on the way..... 33x9.50R15LT

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The biggest mud flaps (even double) I’ve ever seen in Land Cruiser.
Ha, the first set does a great job of protecting the area around the tail lights, the second set (Large ones) protect the trailer I tow. A similar set of the large one was there when I purchased it, and kind of liked the look, so I replaced them with new ones when I installed the tire carrier.
Does anyone have experience wheeling on these tires yet?
33x9.5 -- So far they have handled great. They have crushed icy mountain passes, deep mud, loose gravel, rock gardens (Cline Butte in OR) and snow. Have yet to try them out in sand. They seem to lock up on everything. Got stuck in some ice on NYE, but can't blame the tires on that one. They are holding up very well and cut through it all.

Here's a link to Casey LaDelle rescuing me:

Currently running 32x11.5 tires on my FJ40. Truck has 2” lift. Wondering if anyone was having any rubbing or fit issues with the 33” Kendas. My rims are FJ40 wagon wheels.
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Currently running 32x11.5 tires on my FJ40. Truck has 2” lift. Wondering if anyone was having any rubbing or fit issues with the 33” Kendas. My rims are FJ40 steelies.
I think you will be fine. I'm on 33x10.50x15 BFG KM2s on stock steel rims with no rubbing. I run a generic 1/4" spacer as the DS tire can hit the drag link on a full left turn, this solved that issue and can still stuff the tires in the rear wheel wells. Lots of rigs on 33x10.50's with stock steelies
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Because I tend to over think... the distance between current tire (32X10.5) the body looks like approx 1.5". I am guessing the 33x9.5 fits inside the body (shown in the second picture and thus no rubbing issues. Is this correct?
I think Casey takes pops along for company and they are neighbors. I like Caseys recovery videos from Sand Hollow too.
On Walmart there are two Kenda Klever Tires - the KR601 is cheaper and I am trying to figure out the difference between the two... any insights. Ordered the KR601 before realizing there were two different types listed....

Kenda Klever R/T LT 33X9.50R15 Load C 6 Ply RT Rugged Terrain Tire​

Kenda Klever R/T KR601 LT33X9.50R15 113Q C Tire​

Walmart seems to have at least 2 listings for each tire, and sometimes a substantial price difference between the listings for the same tire. Make sure you look at the manufacturers part number in the listing and make sure it matches what you want on the kenda website. Right now the 33x9.50x15 are like $195. As far as I know, the kr601 is the only tire kenda makes in that size so they should both be the same.
Purchased a set of the Kenda Klever R/T KR601 LT33x9.5R15 form Sears. Driver's rear tire was rubbing on my exhaust pipe (bumps and turns) - needed to put an extension in to push the muffler tip back a few inches. Now I need to put a few miles on them :).



@brooklyn- is your 40 stock height? Seems like the rear tire is pretty close to the front of the wheel well. Any modifications?
@CBFJ the truck has a 2” lift. I am running the tires at 50psi and might take it down a bit. Not sure if that will be good for clearance 😄.

I think the clearance is a half an inch — maybe others can chime in with theirs.

Agree it looks a little close, but so far no issues with rubbing.
50 psi sounds pretty robust, I’m usually aiming for 32-34 on my 10.50/15 BFG KM2s. I’m on stock steelies with 1/4” spacers and don’t rub.
Could I ask what brand is your awning and are you happy with it and the quality?
This is the OVS nomadic 270 degree. I think the build quality is great. I dont have any complaints besides it does get wet when it rains in the cover. It sets up and closes up in less than 5 min. It also has full zip in walls that I do not own, but would be fun if camping somewhere cooler.
FWIW I run these on my 200 in the winter as they're fantastic on snow and ice.

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